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My brand has been known as an individual who is a personal motivator, zero-waste life style advocate, idea generator, brand enhancer, campaign creator, and creative producer. My passion is in providing collaboration, leadership, and big ideas to help to serve the Environment, provide more responsible business solutions to entrepreneurs and the consumers, and eliminate waste in our world.


Dana Magnus initiated the MKTG Brand as a way to bridge creative deign and photography with strategic marketing systems for start-up entrepreneur and service based professionals looking to make the most impact on the World.

When incepted, the goal of connecting our clients with creative marketing and advertising solutions is to effectively solve problems for the change they wished to see in the world. We "dive deep" to understand their unique personal journey, we declare the "why" in order to create a human-to-human connection, and place a further emphasis on their value-based propositions in order to promote and deliver products and services to the consumers and businesses who need them most. Ultimately, the most amount of problems find a solution when bridging together the innovators and entrepreneurs who are doing the most to provide these changes.

We focus on responsibly-focused organizations of either 1 to 1,000+ who bring a vibrant perspective to change the world through their businesses in the biology, permaculture, environmental sciences, health & wellness, and professional services fields.