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After all, business is the new driving force
to make the most change for the good of all.

Humans are incredible creatures. They are capable of changing the world, making a big impact, and building communities of people who believe in supporting something greater.

The MKTG Brand is experienced in leading passionate, cause-driven entrepreneurs and start-ups to better the world by leading with their highest values and their big mission for the world. #MissionDrivenMarketing

The combo of greatideas, talented artists, and a sculpted strategy can create a movement! We believe this makes the greatest impact for businesses in every regard.

As your creative partner, we don’t stop until we feel we’ve made the impact you’re after. We do this through a MISSION-DRIVENMarketing Plan + Consulting Strategy Sessions. Need more than a partnership? Our full-service Agency powerhouse completes your creative marketing projects with a single pointof contact. Our plans and services ensure to setup your systems for sustainable successin your business and for the communitiesyou thrive among.

Dana Magnus CEO The MKTG Brand Chicago Marketing Planner

Entrepreneurs and Corporations who struggle

to find their marketing efforts leaving them with:

Murky Marketing Strategies That Fail to Deliver

Business Systems that Make You Want to Jump Ship

And Brand Positioning that’s Off the Beaten Track

WELCOME to the place to plan!

The MKTG Brand provides clarity, focus, and a #MissionDrivenMarketing PLAN

We are a team of innovative thinkers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have collaborated together to serve others. Everyday, you can find us helping cause-driven entrepreneurs and start-ups better the world through a well defined marketing plan that sets them up for sustainable success.

Our goal is to  capture your highest values and convey your mission critical solution so you can stand out and get discovered by the right audiences.

We amplify your visibility and impact through purposeful MKTG SYSTEMS that ignite excitement  and eliminate overwhelm and confusion.

The MKTG Brand offers project management with the TEAM to offer design conceptualization,  branding identity, and content strategy for your marketing touch-points to ensure your narrative is optimized to attract a growing community of ideal people who consistently convert into customers.

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DEEP DIVE brand identity

The first step is getting to understand your business, your needs, your goals, and your competition. Taking a broad look at what you envision to be your target audience, your current strategy and what it is that you need to get started. 

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building your message & creative

We can't jump for joy about your marketing adventure without putting together the story. Marketable brand assets are place in your hands after a fun-filled photography & videography session to capture your "big story" about your brand. 

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planning & process

The difference between a company that markets their promotions and messages vs a great marketer is planning and having a strategic process. A method of the madness, if you will. Without the itinerary, tickets, and travel dates, how else can you enjoy a dream vacation?