Eco-Friendly MKTG Badass & Creative Brand Strategist

It’s said that if you catch a fish for someone, they eat for a day. But, if you teach them how to fish, they eat for life. MKTG Brand CEO Dana Magnus is this principle personified. As a Creative Brand Strategist, Dana ensures that you know what you’re doing when it comes to your marketing. “You owe it to the people out there who need to know about you,” she insists. “Every day that you’re not connecting with the people who need you, you’re depriving them of your expertise, ideas and solutions that will change their world in a way that only you can.” Dana Magnus is the intense jolt of talent and energy your business needs to develop a sustainable system to connect with yourself and your customers, to become your own successful MKTG Brand.


Growing up in Chicago as the middle child of three daughters, Dana developed a fascination for storytelling through art at a young age. Using her own photographs and magazine clippings, she crafted collages with messages of strength, empowerment and bonding with her inner badass. Later, as a Girl Scout, Dana’s determination to make an impact still burned. In some written self-reflection exercises asking what was most important to her, her answer held both simplicity and depth: “I just want to change the world.” 


Dana’s ambition led her to an overflowing calendar when she moved on to attend university. As she juggled a 30-hour workweek, the demands of school and as Photo Editor of the student newspaper, an internship in public relations and a 40-50 mile round trip daily commute, Dana thought she was becoming “the ideal hire”, a driven, determined person who gets things done. So, she found it surprising and frustrating when her efforts weren’t paying off in her search for a job. “I was just un-hireable on paper,” she confesses. “But the second I started talking to people, in person, at career fairs, they were ready to hire me. On paper, I was a nobody, but when I became a real person and started shooting the shit with people, they discovered I’m down-to-earth, I know what I’m talking about, and they can have a conversation with me.”


After working as the marketing manager for several companies and building a photography business side hustle, Dana decided to branch out on her own. “I wanted a separate place where people could talk strategy in marketing that didn’t necessarily need photography. Photography made me an entrepreneur, but managing marketing departments led me to become a CEO.” Dana sought to simplify the marketing process for business owners who, like her, wanted to help people and make a greater impact. Dana’s idea became The MKTG Brand.

Keeping things streamlined, The MKTG Brand provides support through live events & two service packages: The Social Media Makeover, a 30-day plan to spruce up your online presence, and the Zipline Partnership, a four-month deep dive into discovering, developing and putting in a marketing system that will actually work. Dana cautions that anyone who works with her must have a commitment to understand and learn marketing for themselves in order to continue with a sustainable system. She recognizes marketing can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. “It’s not about your bullet point list of accreditations,” she reveals. “It’s about how you connect with other human beings. That’s what makes you trustworthy, sellable and authentic. #Human2Human connections.” 


When starting work with clients, she asks them to look inward and answer questions about who they are and what they want to represent. From there, she helps them recognize how they can do that and the best ways to share what they’re doing with others. Because marketing requires an authentic connection that takes time to cultivate, Dana advises, “not to give up on any marketing strategy unless you’ve given it three to six months.” When clients feel stuck trying to manage their marketing, she urges them to self-reflect. “How long does it take to understand yourself? Then, recognize that, like knowing and trusting yourself, it takes time for others to know and trust you, to buy your products.

A big barrier for people is just getting started, she admits. “Once you do, it gets easier, every single day. You’re going to get content out there, you’re going to get sales, and you’re going to start building community if you show up every day. I guarantee it. I’m here to be your partner,” Dana reassures. “I’m here to make this less daunting and more enjoyable for you, because this is a fun learning experience. Your business is your most expensive graduate degree, right? We learn every day, so let’s learn together. You’re never too late. All you have to do is just start – today.”


Dana thrives when working with entrepreneurs who have a specific calling, encouraging them to share parts of themselves and what they care about on social media through #MISSIONDRIVENMARKETING. “It’s a connection to people who truly want what your marketing offers,” she explains. “If we aren’t thinking big enough with our mission, we can’t make the impact as business owners. After all, business is the new driving force to make the most change for the good of all.” 


Dana’s own mission as an eco-conscious CEO means she shares posts about taking the bus to networking events, riding her bike with her husband to her favorite Chicago hotspots, and offering print materials for people that can be re-planted to grow back as gardens or wildflowers. These posts inspire her followers and clients to choose more environmentally friendly options, creating that ripple of positive impact Dana always knew she’d have, even as a child.


MKTG Brand CEO and Creative Brand Strategist Dana Magnus wants you to share the brilliance of what you do through #Human2Human connections with the people who need you most. With her direction, you’ll develop the confidence to share your vision and blossom into a trustworthy, profitable MKTG Brand. Instead of shouldering all of the work, Dana will teach you marketing and help you set up a sustainable system that effectively reaches your customers while still staying true to you. By empowering you to learn more about yourself, your business values, and the legacy you want to leave, Dana Magnus is fulfilling her own childhood mission of changing the world for the better, one business leader at a time.